Mike Scaturo

With expanding populations and growing urbanization, wildlife-human conflict is on the rise in Mount Kenya National Park. The Mount Kenya Trust drives collaborative action for the sustainable management of the area's biodiversity and natural resources. One core function of the organization is to coordinate patrol teams that remove traps and snares, arrest poachers and loggers, and fight forest fires.

Edwin Kinyanjui, Senior Community Wildlife Officer for the Mount Kenya Trust, leads a unique team of community wildlife guards in conjunction with the Kenya Wildlife Service to combat illegal activities. Edwin and his team have a pivotal role in the rescue of orphaned elephants that are regular victims of the ivory trade.

Over the past decades, Mount Kenya’s forests have suffered considerably; a direct result of rapid population growth and urbanization. Mount Kenya Trust works to recover indigenous forest, and over the past ten years, has planted over one million trees at several tree planting sites.

A Mount Kenya Trust Ranger unwinds after a long day with a game of darts; sporting a jersey from his favorite football team: Arsenal.

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